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POST (After) Retirement FAQs

Retirement FAQsFor Employee who retired ON or AFTER 7/1/2010

The retiree may be employed with a participating employer after 60 days, but within one year from their retirement date with URS, subject to the following:

  • The retiree cannot receive any employer provided benefits including, but not limited to: medical, dental, paid time off, annual leave, sick leave, other insurance benefits, excluding workers’ compensation.
  • The retiree’s salary is limited to the lesser of $16,351 (in 2018, indexed for inflation) or half of their final average monthly salary in a calendar year. If the retiree exceeds the earnings; limitation or receive benefits, the retirement allowance will be canceled.
  • When the retiree terminates post-retirement employment, the termination date will serve as their new retirement date for purposes of calculating the retiree’s separation requirement under the post-retirement restrictions.

If the retiree is employed by a participating employer within 60 days  of their retirement date with URS, the retirement allowance will be canceled, and the retiree will be returned to active status, and earn additional service credit, if they are eligible for service credit accrual.

Re-employment after one year from the member’s retirement date with URS:

If the member is employed with a participating employer after one year from their retirement date with URS, the employee must elect to either:

  • Earn a salary and continue to receive the retirement benefits; or
  • Earn a salary and cancel the retirement benefit in order to earn additional service credit; if re-employed for at least two years, a separate benefit will be calculated based upon the new service and salary at the time of the second retirement. The original retirement benefit and the new retirement benefit will be combined.

It is the responsibility of the retired employee to notify the URS office of their continued eligibility under this rule to avoid pension cancellation.


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