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Mental Health Benefits and Resources

NEW Mental Wellness Administrative Leave

Amid a mounting mental health crisis, Governor Cox and the State of Utah are stepping forward to support Utah’s 21,000 executive branch employees, many of whom are frontline workers carrying our communities through the pandemic, and to promote awareness about the importance of mental health and stress management. The Governor has announced an executive order to provide four hours of administrative leave each fiscal year to help meet the mental health needs of state employees.

This time can be used by benefit eligible employees for mental health care education, including but not limited to visits with a licensed mental health professional, group educational sessions, webinars hosted by mental health professionals, financial wellness sessions, walking, running, and other physical activities.

Employees need to get supervisory approval before using leave for these purposes to minimize disruptions to operations. However, a medical note for proof of attendance or participation is not required before or after the leave is used. The mental health treatment and education leave can be broken into hourly segments as long as the leave for this purpose does not exceed four hours in a fiscal year.

Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance

All state employees (even non-benefited), have access to a well-respected Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Blomquist Hale offers free and confidential assessments, counseling, referrals and follow-up services for members who may have personal or work-related problems.

PEHP Benefits

Your PEHP plan provides a full range of services for mental health, including counseling, targeted medication, intensive day treatment, and inpatient services with the same cost sharing as other covered services in your network.   

URS’ no cost Financial Planning Services

Department of Human Services

DHS provides an array of assistance, programs, and resources.

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