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Medical Benefits

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PEHP offers state employees three medical plans. Each medical plan has three associated networks to choose from.

Medical Plans

STAR Plan – With this high-deductible health plan, there is a small premium share for state employees on the Summit or Advantage Network. There is a larger premium for Preferred Care Network. The state contributes to an associated Health Savings Account (HSA).

Traditional Plan – This plan has a lower deductible than other plans, but employees are responsible for higher premiums for this plan. This plan is not HSA qualified.

Consumer Plus – While there is no premium for this high deductible plan, (unless Preferred Care is selected), and the state contributes to an associated Health Savings Account (HSA), this plan offers only essential benefits and catastrophic coverage.

Network Options

Summit Care network consists of IASIS, MountainStar, University of Utah hospitals & clinics, providers and facilities.

Advantage Care is predominantly Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) providers and facilities.

Preferred Care providers and facilities are a combination of both the Advantage Care and Summit Care networks.

Each of the three networks offers thousands of participating providers and several hospital options.

Plan rates and co-pays or allowances depend on which plan options and networks you choose within each plan.

HSA Cash Conversion

Employees are able to elect to convert up to 50% of their employer HSA contributions to cash on the STAR plan, and up to 100% of their employer HSA contributions on the Consumer Plus plan. See the PEHP Benefits book for more details.

Medical Opt Out

Employees who have medical coverage from another carrier are able to opt out of the medical plan and receive cash in return. Please see instructions on opting out here. Furthermore, the amount you can receive by opting out, can be found in the OE guide, by watching PEHP’s OE Video, or when you log into your PEHP account.

You may also Access the PEHP Website directly.

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