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Get Vaccinated, Get Cash

You may be eligible to get up to $250 cash back for getting the COVID-19 vaccine

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You may be eligible to receive a cash incentive for getting the COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot. Cash back is available if you get the full COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot after October 1, 2021. Your covered spouse and dependents are also eligible.

Cash Back Amounts

$250 – Age 50+ (full vaccination)

$100 – Age 12-49 (full vaccination)

$50 – Booster shot for all ages

Why offer cash back?

Cash back is being offered to help decrease the daily rate of hospitalizations in Utah due to the Coronavirus. The governor announced the cash incentives on September 30, 2021.

Who’s eligible to get cash back?

PEHP members, spouses, and dependents who are covered under the State of Utah Health Plan are eligible. You are receiving this message because you are covered under the State of Utah Health Plan. See FAQs (PDF)

How to apply for cash back

To qualify for cash back, you must complete a COVID Vaccine Cash Back Application (PDF) and submit it to PEHP with a copy of your vaccination record card as proof of full vaccination or booster shot. All vaccinations must be received after October 1, 2021. A separate application must be submitted for each individual.

Send us your application and a copy of supporting documents via the secure Message Center or mail to: 560 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Once PEHP has verified proof of vaccination, please allow up to 60 days to receive your cash back. Please note this is taxable income and FICA is withheld. Checks will be addressed to the PEHP subscriber.

If you have any questions, contact us at (801) 366-7555.

COVID Vaccine Cash Back Application (PDF)

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