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Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Short Term Disability Claim

The Standard GraphicThe following questions and answers will help you file a Short Term Disability (STD) claim with Standard Insurance Company (The Standard). The steps outlined below will enable you to access our efficient claims services quickly and easily.

When should I report a Short Term Disability (STD) claim?

Report a claim as soon as you believe you will be absence from work beyond 7 or 30 calendar days, depending on the benefit waiting period you elected. If you are uncertain about how long you will be absent or whether you should file a claim or not we suggest that you proceed with filing a claim. This offers you some peace of mind and allows for The Standard to begin its review and issue a timely payment if appropriate. You may report a claim up to four weeks in advance of a planned disability absence, such as childbirth or a scheduled surgery.

How do I file A claim?

You must file a claim by telephone. Contact The Standard’s Claim Intake Service Center at 1-800-378-2395.

A typical application for disability benefits contains the following documents:

  • Employee’s Statement1
  • Employer’s Statement2
  • Attending Physician’s Statement (APS)3
  • Authorization to Obtain and Release Information

When I report my claim, what Information will I need to provide?

You will be asked to provide the following information – in addition to other questions about your absence:

Employer name: State of Utah
Group Policy Number: 646597
Name and Social Security Number
Last day you were at work
Nature of claim/Medical information
Physician contact information* (name, address, phone and fax number)

What are the hours of operation for the claim intake service center?

The Standard’s Claim Intake Service Center representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m., Mountain Time.

How long does it normally take to make a claim decision?

Once The Standard receives the required paperwork which includes the Employee’s Statement, Employer’s Statement, Attending Physician’s Statement and Authorization to Obtain and Release Information, it will take approximately one week to make a claim decision. If we have not made a decision within one week, you will be notified with details.

If my claim for benefits is approved, how long will it take to receive my first check?

After the Benefit Waiting Period as outlined in your group policy is served STD benefit payments are paid in arrears on a weekly basis. In most cases, checks are mailed on Wednesday of each week. STD benefit payments that are payable for retroactive claims will be mailed following claim approval. STD checks will be mailed directly to your residence.

Whom should I call with questions about my claim?

If you have already filed a claim, please call The Standard’s Disability Benefits toll-free number, 1-(800)368-1135. If you are looking for general information, please contact your benefits administrator.

Who is responsible for notifying State of Utah of my absence?

It is your responsibility to follow the normal State of Utah absence reporting procedures by notifying your manager or supervisor of your absence.
1 If you file by telephone, your submission serves as the Employee’s Statement and we will instruct you on which other documents need to be completed.

2 The Standard will contact your Employer to obtain the information necessary on the Employer’s Statement.

3 The Standard will fax an Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) to your doctor for completion and will make up to three follow up attempts to obtain a completed APS from your doctor. We encourage you to contact your doctor and ask their assistance in completing the APS on your behalf.

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